Grant Process

Topics to expect:

Submitting a proposal requires providing different information along the following topics:

  • Personal information
  • Organisational information: Information about the entity you are working for
  • Project information: Information about the entire project.
  • Proposal: Information about what the grant is for within the entirety of the ongoing project.

About the process:

Please be as precise as possible while filling out the request, as the information and wording you provide will be, upon acceptance, used to build the grant agreement. Please use the PDF document you will submit at the end of the process for literary explanations.

The PDF document (please upload one single file) you submit at the end of the process should include:

  • Background information on the team working on the project
  • Technical detail (If you are submitting a technical proposal, please provide sufficient information for engineers to be able to fully evaluate its technical merits.)
  • Roadmap
  • Full budget that clearly states the resource corresponding to the requested grant amount.

Versions in draft status can be deleted by you at any time. Submitted proposals are locked for changes and will be processed by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC meets regularly, however based on the proposal request period’s end date, the amount of submitted proposals, and the complexity of the proposal, this may take some weeks.

In case the TAC has follow-up questions, we will contact you via email. In general, you will be informed about any status change on the proposal by email.


  • Personal information is handled according to the Privacy Note
  • Information will be shared with the TAC (members include residents in the United States of America. Accordingly, personal data might be transfered to the United States of America with which you hereby agree)
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